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Who says that retirement is the end of your active life? You no longer have to work for a living! There is an ocean of possibilities ahead of you. You have all the time of the world and there are just so many things for which you can use all of that time. 

Welcome to Swoop Safe World. We have a lot of ideas for you to fully live this new stage of your life. We have growing online content on tricks, advice and tips for the elder. You will find useful information, strategic advices and great ideas for different activities in which you can now engage. 


Activity ideas

There are so many things that you can do! Explore our activity guides for all kind of ideas. You can share all of this activities with your loved ones and even make new friends. Find about cultural activities, arts and crafts, courses, trips for the elder and gathering clubs and meetings.


Health advice

Learn about how to take care of yourself. Diet advice, medical check suggested schedules, excersise routines and safety tricks are amongs the most preferred content of this section. These ideas will help you be healthier and more independent. Live longer, live better.


Financial information

We are expertis in finances for the elder people. Lear everytihing you need to know about equity release and all other chances of financing and funding your life. Talk to our team about the best deal choices and equity release planning for a better lifestyle and more opportunities


Gathering and matchmaking

Find people who want to make friends - or even more than just friends! Enter new groups and share your activities with them. Life is better when you are surounded by your loved ones. Who knows what kind of new amazing friend you could be about to make!



We are expert advisors in equity release


There is a great opportunity for you to live the rest of your life to the full. This is, by releasing cash from your properties via an equity release deal. You will be able to access a superior lifestyle and so many more options for activities and learning experiences. 

Are you unsure about equity release? Or rather, are you convinced but you feel that you should have more guidance? We have specialised, 100% agenda-free advice on equity release for you. We cordially invite you to fill the contact form that is place on the right side of our main page. You can send us all your questions or just request for al call back. Within 24 working hours, a member of our team will contact you and you will be able to discuss your enquiries via phone or e-mail or, if you prefer, schedule an appointment in our offices. 


Don't miss the chance to make a change to your life for the better. Take your time to explore all our content. There are great possibilities for happiness in any moment of our lives. We are here to help you reach them.


Follow these examples

"People tell you a lot of things about growing old, but they never tell you one thing: it can be really fun! Swoop not only shows you that there is so much more to do, but also gives you a ton of ideas to make it possible."

By Corine Daniels

"It is amazing and satisfying to find out about yourself. When you discover that you have new possibilities and unexpected talents that you can put into use, you feel alive. I would recommend Swoop to anyone who wants to live this kind of experience."

By Karen Lorenz

"It is good to get to retirement being able to enjoy the product of a life full of love and effort. Swoop showed me the best way of releasing cash from my home without even leaving it. What else could I ask for?"

By Stan Ingrey

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